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Sophia Shao, co-Director

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Dr. Sophia Shao is an Assistant Professor and an SK Hynix Faculty Fellow at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department of University of California, Berkeley. Previously, she was a Senior Research Scientist at NVIDIA Research. She received her Ph.D. degree in 2016 and S.M. degree in 2014 from Harvard University.

Her research interests are in the area of computer architecture, with a special focus on specialized accelerator, heterogeneous architecture, and agile VLSI design methodology. Her work has been awarded a Best Paper Award (MICRO 2019), Top Picks in Computer Architecture (2014), and Honorable Mentions (2019*2). Her Ph.D. dissertation was nominated by Harvard for ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award. Sophia Shao is a Siebel Scholar, an invited participant at the Rising Stars in EECS Workshop, and a recipient of the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship.