Optical Interconnects

Optical Interconnects and Electronic-Photonic Integration

Team: Vladimir Stojanović, Ming Wu, Eli Yablonovitch

Silicon photonics has emerged as a promising solution to address the interconnect bottleneck in high performance computing (HPC) systems and data centers. Silicon photonics provides unprecedented I/O bandwidth, enabling ultrahigh aggregated bandwidth (~ 10 Tbps), high bandwidth density (~ Tbps/mm), and high energy efficiency (~ pJ/bit). BETR is pursuing cutting-edge researches in (1) direct integration of Si photonics in zero-change CMOS platforms, including both silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and bulk CMOS; (2) package-level electronic-photonic integration that will bring photonics much closer to central processing units (CPUs), graphical processing units (GPUs), switches, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and other high performance application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs); (3) sub-microsecond silicon photonic switches with high port count (240×240 demonstrated), low insertion loss and crosstalk, and broad spectral bandwidth (100nm); and (4) “photonic flow” in high performance computing systems integrating high-density silicon photonic interconnect and silicon photonic switches to achieve reconfigurable system on the fly (at runtime).