News & Highlights


MRS Board of Directors

October 2021
Materials Research Society (MRS)

Dr. Nerissa Draeger, Director of Global University Engagements at BETR industry affiliate Lam Research, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society (MRS). Congratulations!

NSF Workshop on CMOS+X Technologies

August 2021
National Science Foundation & UC Berkeley

BETR Co-Director Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin and BETR Executive Director Dr. Michael Bartl organized an NSF-supported workshop on next-generation computing solutions, integrating emerging technologies (X) with state-of-the-art CMOS.

Breakthrough in Light Emission

July 2021
Science magazine

The group of BETR Co-Director Prof. Ali Javey reported a breakthrough in efficient light emission from a range of transition metal chalcogenide monolayer semiconductors grown by chemical vapor deposition. This work was published in the journal Science.

National Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

July 2021
National Science Foundation

Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic is part of a newly awarded $20M National AI Institute for Advances in Optimization awarded by the National Science Foundation. This new institute fuses AI and mathematical optimization for automated decision-making at massive scales.

IEEE Electron Devices Society Luminaries

May 2021
IEEE Electron Devices Society

Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu is featured as a luminary in an IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Podcast Series. The series provides interviews with “the most successful members of the [Electron Devices] Society”.

2020 Robert Bosch Award

November 2019
IEEE Electron Device Society

Prof. Ming Wu received the 2020 Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems Award by the IEEE Electron Device Society for his “pioneering contributions in MEMS optical switches and optoelectronic tweezers”.

2019 Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize

February 2019
Optical Society of America

Prof. Eli Yablonovitch received the Optical Society of America’s Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize for “diverse and deep contributions to optical science including photonic crystals, strained semiconductor lasers, and new record-breaking solar cell physics”.

2019 Engineering Hall of Fame

January 2019
Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC)

Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu was elected into the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame for her trailblazing contributions to research and industry. Prof. Liu was also included in Women Inc. magazine’s list of the Most Influential Corporate Board Members in 2018.