Ramamoorthy Ramesh

Ramamoorthy Ramesh, co-Director

Embedded Memory

Ramesh Research Group

Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramesh is the Purnendu Chatterjee Chair Professor in Materials Science and Physics at UC Berkeley, and a Faculty Senior Scientist and the Associate Lab Director for Energy Technologies at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Prior to that he was Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland College Park and a member of the technical staff at Bellcore (1989-1995). Dr. Ramesh graduated from UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. Materials Science in 1987.

He initiated research in several key areas of oxide electronics, including ferroelectric nonvolatile memories. His landmark contributions in ferroelectrics came through the recognition that conducting oxide electrodes are the solution to the problem of polarization fatigue, which for 30 years, remained an enigma and unsolved problem. With colleagues at Lucent Technologies he coined the term, Colossal Magnetoresistive (CMR) Oxides. His group demonstrated the existence of a large ferroelectric polarization in multiferroic BiFeO3 films, and electric field control of antiferromagnetism as well as ferromagnetism, a critical step towards the next generation of storage and spintronics devices that are completely electric field controlled.

Dr. Ramesh received the Humboldt Senior Scientist Prize and Fellowship to the American Physical Society (2001). He was elected a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (2005) and to the National Academy of Engineering (2011). From December 2010 to August 2012 he served as the Founding Director of the SunShot Initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy and from July 2013 to August 2014 he served as the Deputy Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.